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The rest of the course will then be automatically renewed in a second subscription unless the client cancels the service.


EasS: We sell Education as a Service. We sell four types of courses with extra online services included on the platform (Website) and in the price.

EdEEs will start with English as an education service for businesses, but in the future any business courses can be sold.


B2B: We are a business-to-business company (B2B), so our clients are companies that buy business courses for their workforce. Nevertheless, EdEEs can provide these services to groups of individuals who may require our services.


Our proposal is to try to help you as much as possible because we know that there can be changes and last minute plans. Also, there may be circumstances of force majeure, holidays and cancellations by EDEEs. For greater transparency we describe our cancellation policy:

  • Sessions will not be started and will not be considered as formally done until the receipt of the corresponding payment has been checked.
  • If you need to change a session, you can do so up to 2 days before the start time announced for each session. To do this, you can change it 2 days before in our calendar within the platform of our website. At Learning UX you can change your booking for another session (no refund). After this time, no changes or refunds are allowed.
  • If you have a firm and paid reservation, notify us after the 2 day cancellation period or do not show up for the session, we cannot make changes or give you a refund. When a booking is finalised through our website, you will be directed to a booking confirmation page and will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of the booking. Failure to receive the confirmation e-mail for any reason is not considered good cause to request a refund of a booking.
  • The same applies to days when the session coincides with a holiday or cancellation due to force majeure.
  • In the case of EDEEs cancelling one or more sessions due to the trainer’s illness or for any other reason, we will notify you immediately and propose an alternative in the available timetable of the calendar or we will refund the money for said session/s without any inconvenience. We reserve the right to cancel any activity for any reason at our own discretion, without this cancellation leading to any type of compensation beyond a change in schedule and/or date on the calendar, or ,the refund of the amount previously paid for the amount of said session(s) cancelled.



EdEEs offers 2 FREE meetings (one with the client and one with the end-users, i.e., the students).

EdEEs offers a FIRST free class

If a client decides to step down from EdEEs’ services, the first class will not be charged.

BUT if clients agree with EdEEs’ services and they want to buy those business learning services, this first class will be charged.

The courses are different in length, so they have different subscription periods.

They all start with a 3-month subscription.

After this first 3-month subscription, the rest of the course will then be automatically renewed in a second subscription, unless you advise us of your wish to cancel the service at least 15 days in advance.

Each course has a different length so a second subscription to the same course is different, depending on the course selected.


The minimum duration of a session is 90 minutes for all types of courses.

The cost is €80 per hour.

As we offer the possibility to change and postpone sessions through our platform (at least 2 days in advance), we charge a fixed number of hours per month based on the minimum number or sessions or hours per week established for each course and on each client’s needs.

This number of hours or sessions per week (previously agreed on with the client) will be multiplied by 4.5 weeks per month (i.e., the average of weeks per month).

This will be the monthly amount charged with all online services included.


There are no taxes for English courses. For courses on other subjects, taxes may be charged, according to the legislation of the Ministry of Finance.

Taxes will be charged for LTO management projects.

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